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I’ve fallen into a bad habit, here, of just posting weekly belly pictures and monthly appointment updates. I swear, there are more things going on in my life than just my stomach! (pretty much)

I used to write here, often, about my latest writing endeavors. There is more than one reason why I have posted nothing of the sort lately. Mainly – I do paid freelance work now, and spending hours researching and writing various articles sort of sucks the juices right out of you when it comes to your own stuff. I’ve been doing other things with my free time, in the last 2 months, that unfortunately don’t trend that way.

One big thing is that, since becoming pregnant, I’m really needy for my husband. When at home, I would much prefer to spend all my time with him than do anything else. I’ve always been one that valued my alone time, even in marriage, but that has completely flipped during pregnancy. Now he’s the one saying “When can I do (whatever solo thing he wants to do)?”

But the writing is not dead. I have multiple ideas, and a lot of notes jotted, but no tangible words that anyone can read. Last weekend, my friend and I made a deal that we would both write something. And….we both flaked.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case for much longer, for various reasons. One, I really want to write again. Desire is a big chunk of motivation. Two, I’m starting a new freelance job that is permanent and hopefully effectively full-time once the baby comes. This job does not involve mass article production. It involves lots of little goals and projects (a great thing for my list-checking, goal-oriented personality) that should free me up mentally to use my creativity on my own stuff. The big prayer is that it is financially successful enough to free me up in time as well, so that I have the ability to really devote myself to the creative pursuits. I miss writing my own stuff. I loved the script writing of the summer a lot and I want to get back to the story-telling!

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