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Red Sky Warning Cover ArtEach day I get a little closer to the publication of my 2nd book. I published the first with barely a chirp, but was still excited. Now people are actually looking forward to it and that adds a whole new level of thrills.


In this fast-paced follow-up to Wendy L. Young’s debut novel, Come the Shadows, the mystery deepens…

Will and Laura Harmon are trying to get on with their lives but are left reeling when a vicious hit-and-run sends Laura to the hospital. With all the recent changes in Campbell Creek Will has a long list of suspects – and few leads.

One thing is clear: Someone wants Laura dead and Will has to stop them in time.

But who from Campbell Creek’s shadowy past is behind the threats on Laura’s life and can Will figure out the mystery before tragedy strikes again?


PS It has come to my attention that, for some reason, those using IE 8 or earlier are unable to see the cover images on my blog. I apologize but all I can say is either update the browser or join the Firefox crew πŸ˜‰

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Red Sky Warning Cover Art

It’s here! Last night we finalized the cover art for the next book in the Campbell Creek Mysteries: Red Sky Warning.

Only 3 weeks to go!

We also tweaked the original just a little. This is a 3-part series and the covers all work together. It’s a learning process. When I put out book one the most forward-thinking I could go was just to get it done and out and available. In retrospect I would have punched up 1 even more so 2 and 3 could get the same treatment but at this point I think it’s more important to not flip number one on it’s head with a brand new cover, and to keep them consistent. I want people to look at them and recognized they go together as a series. I have so many books rumbling around in my head, and some will involve the same main characters more than once, but these are the three that truly are linked.

I also know the title of the last book already but am no where near having the cover art done. We were going to go ahead and start it but found out the picture I had is unsuitable. Back to the drawing board…

One last note:

The image from Come the Shadows is 100% mine. The image on Red Sky Warning is courtesy my mom, who has been incredibly supportive of my writing.

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It’s time to play catch-up.

Or drag my feet.

Whichever way you want to look at it.

Thursday evening I completely finished my massive typing job. I was disappointed to find out the book is currently only 48.5k words (Come the Shadows is 66k, almost exactly average for the genre) but know that editing turns into ADDING for me, instead of taking away. I write so quickly, with my mind jumping from one thought to the next, that I frequently leave out everything but the bare bones. That leaves me putting in the softer bits as I edit.

Here’s where the feet dragging starts. I love the results of editing. I know every change makes the book better. However, I really don’t like editing. And, well, I haven’t started it yet. I’m putting it off until Monday.

Before you go getting ideas of pedicures, days in the sun, and lazy naps I have to point out that I fill my feet-dragging time with more work, thank you very much. It’s a personality flaw.

So, while I drag my feet on editing Red Sky Warning (which comes out Nov 29th) I am doing other important stuff.

I am re-editing Come the Shadows.

Yeah, the girl who hates editing, is reediting the first book.

I’m not changing characters, plot or any other information. But I have found some errors I need to get corrected. Most people probably won’t notice them, but some will, and it’s my duty to give the most error-free work I can. If you have purchased an earlier copy and you find errors, please accept my apologies. I hate them, but find it very hard to catch them all even with numerous pairs of eyes looking for them. No excuses, just know that I hate them and I want to destroy them 10x more than you don’t want to see them. (Confused? Sorry πŸ˜‰ )

I am half way through that process on Come the Shadows. I committed to finishing the full read and mark-up tonight, and actually implementing all changes and updating 4 different sites tomorrow (with different files) to ensure that moving forward there are fewer errors. I wish I could say it’s error-free but how often is a book completely error-free? Yeah.

That leaves me with the set-in-stone commitment to start the diligent, sweat-inducing editing of Red Sky Warning this Monday and gives me seven weeks to complete it. Yahoo. I love deadlines. Without them I’d never get anything done.

I’m not working alone this weekend, either. My lovely husband is hard at work on the cover for Red Sky Warning and I hope to share it with you all soon.

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Last night was a night of balance. I made some excellent progress in my book – Chapter 1 complete and Chapter 2 started – and maintained the daily writing goal. +1

In the next room, though, my husband was working on the cover art for the print version and it wasn’t going well. -1

1 – 1 (or two or three if you ask him) = balance

The previous night was:

-1 – 1 = Yosemite Sam x2

The cover art is done, to look at, but the dpi is wrong…printer issues, bah. I want the print edition done so badly – I already know a few people queued up to buy it – but it needs to be right. The cover can’t be blurry, or cut off strangely, or be misaligned. I’m not a patient person by nature but there are some things you can’t take back. The rep of ‘I liked the story but the book looked awful‘ just won’t do!

So it balanced out, and even the negatives were part of moving forward. It’s a learning experience and one that will hopefully make the covers for books two and three much easier to handle.

After that… I think he’ll be looking for Cover Art to be #1 on the outsourcing budget… =)

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When I am working on a book I have to be compulsive in my writing. I have to write every single day. I may only write 100 words one day, but as long as I keep it up I can keep the pace moving and not slack.

While editing the first book I didn’t do much writing. Some days I didn’t do much editing either.

Now the book is done, and 99.9% published and my attention can again return to writing.

That’s easier said than done.

For two months – April and May – I wrote every single day without fail. I would tally anywhere from 1 page to 15 pages (will explain later why I count pages instead of words) each day.

And then, while editing, I went two months with only edits and sporadic rewrites.

Now I must buckle down and write. I started book two with an outline as much for story as it was for delay. I could jot notes without actually having to craft the words and dialog. Thirty chapters in I knew delay was the only motivation left for it so I stopped.

That left me facing the task of writing a prologue. It describes events that occur about 80% through the story. I knew in advance I shouldn’t write it first but I tried anyway (after another day of delay). It was bad. It’s still there. It will be fixed later.

Chapter 1 was started, and interrupted by tech issues on Twitter (I promise, that makes sense). Last night was to be the completion of Chapter 1 and continuation in chapter two but the evening was entirely sucked dry by issues surrounding the full cover for the print version of novel one.

The point of this post is to wipe the slate clean. What’s done is done and what’s not done will be done. The daily writing goal is back, it’s in full force, and it will get done.

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