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I’ve decided to give everyone a copy who commented on the giveaway post. Email me at the address under About and let me know what type of file to send you. I hope you all enjoy the book and please feel free to drop reviews on Amazon or anywhere else you feel comfortable and let them know what you think as well. I haven’t heard a bad word yet but none of the good ones are speaking either! =)


Joss (if you didn’t already pick up a copy – let me know)

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I have decided to make my short story One Final Night FREE on Smashwords. You can download it here and read it in half-an-hour, flat. (Be ready to cry!)

Alisa was the first person to download it and she wrote a wonderful post about it on her blog, Blog The Day Away, where she and three other lovely ladies write about books, TV, and anything else in the media that strikes their fancies. I was going to quote her tweets about it here but her post is a good read.

I will add a permanent link to the sidebar as this post gets pushed down. Check it out, let me know what you think, and be sure to enter the giveaway from my novel Come the Shadows, now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Edit: Links to download do help 😉

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My novel has been out for two weeks, I just hit 2k followers on Twitter (when I started with Twitter 3 years ago that number was big, I swear!), the print version of the book is nearly ready….I’m feeling the need for a giveaway of a few Come the Shadows e-copies! (readable on Kindle, Nook, or your computer)

All you have to do is leave a quick comment on this post. Say “Hey pick me!” or give words of wisdom like “If you pick your nose a sharp-toothed snail will eat your finger!” Say what you like as long as it’s nice and (in light of that example) relatively clean.

I will announce the winners Friday morning, as picked by Random.org.

PS – I have made my first short story, which I first published in April (when Come the Shadows was just an incy wincy baby), completely FREE on Smashwords.

Happy Reading!

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