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I tend to be very hard on myself, constantly evaluating whether something is moving me forwards, moving me backwards, or simply moving me sideways. In reality that is probably hard on those around me as well, as my evaluations (remember, hard on myself) are not always accurate.

Blogging, reading, house cleaning….. so many things that truly *are* important are put in either the sideways category, at best.

But those ‘sideways’ or ‘backwards’ tasks frequently have vital roles that aren’t immediately measurable. If I spend an hour getting my Daily Mail fix I’m in a much better frame of mind to do the things that must be done, or those that I want to do.

Similarly, when I can check off a task like “fix the flipping blog!” then that frees up another little corner of my mind. It seems unimportant, but turns out to feel like a giant leap forward.

Outdated links have been removed, new widgets added, and I’ve rediscovered a few things about Blogger I hadn’t used in more than 6 months.

This, plus a fun trip to the zoo today to celebrate my wonderful little boy’s 2nd birthday, do not directly advance my writing but I will be the better, and ready to do the ‘work’ I love, when I’m done.

I have another 40-50 pages to write on the novel, 60+ to type, and another 25 page short to type as well. Loving this progress!


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I’ve fallen into a bad habit, here, of just posting weekly belly pictures and monthly appointment updates. I swear, there are more things going on in my life than just my stomach! (pretty much)

I used to write here, often, about my latest writing endeavors. There is more than one reason why I have posted nothing of the sort lately. Mainly – I do paid freelance work now, and spending hours researching and writing various articles sort of sucks the juices right out of you when it comes to your own stuff. I’ve been doing other things with my free time, in the last 2 months, that unfortunately don’t trend that way.

One big thing is that, since becoming pregnant, I’m really needy for my husband. When at home, I would much prefer to spend all my time with him than do anything else. I’ve always been one that valued my alone time, even in marriage, but that has completely flipped during pregnancy. Now he’s the one saying “When can I do (whatever solo thing he wants to do)?”

But the writing is not dead. I have multiple ideas, and a lot of notes jotted, but no tangible words that anyone can read. Last weekend, my friend and I made a deal that we would both write something. And….we both flaked.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case for much longer, for various reasons. One, I really want to write again. Desire is a big chunk of motivation. Two, I’m starting a new freelance job that is permanent and hopefully effectively full-time once the baby comes. This job does not involve mass article production. It involves lots of little goals and projects (a great thing for my list-checking, goal-oriented personality) that should free me up mentally to use my creativity on my own stuff. The big prayer is that it is financially successful enough to free me up in time as well, so that I have the ability to really devote myself to the creative pursuits. I miss writing my own stuff. I loved the script writing of the summer a lot and I want to get back to the story-telling!

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Bloggin’ ‘wards

My mother has a wide-ranging fan-base for her photography blog. She’s had many awards passed on to her, and sometimes she passes them on to me. This is one of those times, with an extra caveat that I have to pass it on.

There’s one blogger, and great friend, this fits perfectly. Her name is Jamie. She’s been my partner in crime for one big writing project thus far, and I’m sure we’ll do something so crazy again. She has a personal blog as well as a political/entertainment blog at HuffingtonPost. Jamie and I may disagree on many, many things, but in writing we share a passion and continually encourage each other through our quirks, fears, and craziness.

Thanks, Mom, I’m glad you enjoy it and of course I love you too.

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But I couldn’t resist posting this one that my husband shared with me. It definitely made me laugh.

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It’s been awhile since I did one of these, for good (well, okay, bad) reason:

There’s not been much to say.

I really have not had time (or energy) to do any sort of creative writing in months. I get paid to do freelance writing on various topics, with various degrees of personal input, usually very little, but when it comes to creative personal writing everything seems to be on hold.

There’s the fanfiction I started in April. I recently received a message asking me to please finish the story so they could know how it ends. Mmm, okay, will try!

There’s the novel that I haven’t touched in…far too long.

There’s the Bones script I finished. And the one I didn’t.

There’s the pregnancy journal. Now that, I am current on. Well, sorta. Early on I managed daily writing, now I’m on weekly updates.

I hope I have some great things to post soon about writing. We recently purchased a laptop, which has allowed me to quickly start catching up on my paid, non-creative, freelance writing. I’m praying I can get a bit ahead of that (when I don’t feel baby-sick) and then be able to dig back in to the rewarding creative work. I miss it, especially the script writing. But, alas, that may be shelved indefinitely. I think my path lays far more realistically with the novel side of things, with two babies on the way.

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I don’t care if it’s more than 2 months away…Christmas music is always a good idea!

But I do have a very wide range of stuff that I like…

And now I really want to watch this movie:

Links to all the videos, because for me, at least one of them won’t show up on a reload.

Born on Christmas Day – Brad Paisley
We Three Kings – Blackmore’s Night
The First Noel – Ella Fitzgerald

Christmas at Ground Zero – Weird Al
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – Dr. Elmo
Christmas Vacation Song

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