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I’ve been connecting with a lot more people on both Twitter and Goodreads lately. Social media is such an important part of the new Author Paradigm, as Karen Baney pointed out here recently, and it comes with pleasant surprises and support.

Author Norma Budden took the time to pick up my book and give a very nice review of it on her blog and on Amazon. We also had a chat and she has posted an interview of me today.

Back to the edit/rewrite closet I go πŸ™‚ This week is devoted to writing 8 chapters (mine are all 3-5 pages) that were not in the first draft. I’m the backwards lady that always has to add…. πŸ™‚

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My novel has been out for two weeks, I just hit 2k followers on Twitter (when I started with Twitter 3 years ago that number was big, I swear!), the print version of the book is nearly ready….I’m feeling the need for a giveaway of a few Come the Shadows e-copies! (readable on Kindle, Nook, or your computer)

All you have to do is leave a quick comment on this post. Say “Hey pick me!” or give words of wisdom like “If you pick your nose a sharp-toothed snail will eat your finger!” Say what you like as long as it’s nice and (in light of that example) relatively clean.

I will announce the winners Friday morning, as picked by Random.org.

PS – I have made my first short story, which I first published in April (when Come the Shadows was just an incy wincy baby), completely FREE on Smashwords.

Happy Reading!

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I have a feeling that my idea of the concept of “writing is the easy part” is only in its infancy. New things crop up every day that make me think “Wow, I wish I could be writing instead of doing this!”

Ideally, I would write a book, work to market it, and the structural support system would just work. (Ok, really ideal is I write and people buy and read BOOM! but you know…)

The ideal is just that…ideal. It’s not realistic. For instance, a certain retailer took six days to publish the book when their max estimation is three days (and their customer service was non-existent). In the greater scheme of things, especially for someone still unknown, it’s not huge. I wasn’t going to make a million dollars in those three precious days.

I also had very frustrating issues with technology last night, trying to put up one simple link. Every link I posted broke. It was late and I said ‘g’night’ to it all.

The problem is not in the immediate issues of “Did I lose potential readers for a day?” or “Did I annoy someone on Twitter while I tried to figure this out?” The problem is in how it affects the core of what I do – write! I lost time and it hurt my creative mindset to become focused on these other issues.

I have a feeling these are the first things to be outsourced once a writer can afford the help…. πŸ™‚

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