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I counted last night.

140 = the number of hand-written pages currently comprising the vaguely named Book 2

45 = the budgeted pages left, based on content remaining (approximate)

60 = the actual number of pages left in the spiral notebook

These are hand-written pages.

I still haven’t typed a word.

I’m crazy.

I know.

Thing is, I have a sinking suspicion I may be tacking a few extra pages into the back of this spiral notebook. The chapters tend to get longer, somehow. I think it’s a mix of great action I want to draw out and something else entirely…

I have been feeling the pull on my feet… that awful drag where the motivation to finish and write this exciting stuff comes up against the knowledge that when I finish I have to do the part I hate. Two parts, in fact – type, and edit. They are inexorably joined and neither reside in my ‘YAY’ box. The typing will be my first pass at editing. Then I will edit more. Then I will start having those who helped shape the first book read. Then I will edit more. Then they will read it again. And I will edit again. Fun.

I think the story here in Book 2 is good. I want to get just a little (or hey, a lot) better with each book. I never want people to get into my books and say “Wow, this is really going downhill!” My main goal with the second book is maintain quality and improve the pacing as, fairly, more than one person has commented that Come the Shadows is a little slow in Act 1. I listen to fair criticism and always aim to improve. I’d like people to have to dig to find problems and debate nuance instead 😉

But to get there I have one thing in my way… and that darn editing thing is rearing it’s ugly head up again!

C’est la vie.

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When I am working on a book I have to be compulsive in my writing. I have to write every single day. I may only write 100 words one day, but as long as I keep it up I can keep the pace moving and not slack.

While editing the first book I didn’t do much writing. Some days I didn’t do much editing either.

Now the book is done, and 99.9% published and my attention can again return to writing.

That’s easier said than done.

For two months – April and May – I wrote every single day without fail. I would tally anywhere from 1 page to 15 pages (will explain later why I count pages instead of words) each day.

And then, while editing, I went two months with only edits and sporadic rewrites.

Now I must buckle down and write. I started book two with an outline as much for story as it was for delay. I could jot notes without actually having to craft the words and dialog. Thirty chapters in I knew delay was the only motivation left for it so I stopped.

That left me facing the task of writing a prologue. It describes events that occur about 80% through the story. I knew in advance I shouldn’t write it first but I tried anyway (after another day of delay). It was bad. It’s still there. It will be fixed later.

Chapter 1 was started, and interrupted by tech issues on Twitter (I promise, that makes sense). Last night was to be the completion of Chapter 1 and continuation in chapter two but the evening was entirely sucked dry by issues surrounding the full cover for the print version of novel one.

The point of this post is to wipe the slate clean. What’s done is done and what’s not done will be done. The daily writing goal is back, it’s in full force, and it will get done.

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