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I’m excited, without a doubt, to be able to say that my second book, Red Sky Warning, is now available for purchase on Kindle (support ticket in about the image, long story) and Nook and at Smashwords for other formats. It will become available on Kobo and Sony Ereader, and at iTunes over the next few weeks. The paperback should be available within 2 weeks.

I feel like I should be more eloquent about it all but I’m currently a mixture of exhausted and thrilled 🙂

Early feedback has been that it’s even better than the first, and that is something I love to hear!

Red Sky Warning Cover Art

To make up for my current quiet, please check out The-Cheap.net for today’s feature (me) and a guest post I wrote for them, which is supposed to appear on an affiliated site. At this early hour (pre-6 am) I don’t see either posted yet. I will update with links here when they do become available.

Coming soon: A blog about how incredibly different “Publishing, Round 2” turned out to be!

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Red Sky Warning Cover Art

It’s here! Last night we finalized the cover art for the next book in the Campbell Creek Mysteries: Red Sky Warning.

Only 3 weeks to go!

We also tweaked the original just a little. This is a 3-part series and the covers all work together. It’s a learning process. When I put out book one the most forward-thinking I could go was just to get it done and out and available. In retrospect I would have punched up 1 even more so 2 and 3 could get the same treatment but at this point I think it’s more important to not flip number one on it’s head with a brand new cover, and to keep them consistent. I want people to look at them and recognized they go together as a series. I have so many books rumbling around in my head, and some will involve the same main characters more than once, but these are the three that truly are linked.

I also know the title of the last book already but am no where near having the cover art done. We were going to go ahead and start it but found out the picture I had is unsuitable. Back to the drawing board…

One last note:

The image from Come the Shadows is 100% mine. The image on Red Sky Warning is courtesy my mom, who has been incredibly supportive of my writing.

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Last night was a night of balance. I made some excellent progress in my book – Chapter 1 complete and Chapter 2 started – and maintained the daily writing goal. +1

In the next room, though, my husband was working on the cover art for the print version and it wasn’t going well. -1

1 – 1 (or two or three if you ask him) = balance

The previous night was:

-1 – 1 = Yosemite Sam x2

The cover art is done, to look at, but the dpi is wrong…printer issues, bah. I want the print edition done so badly – I already know a few people queued up to buy it – but it needs to be right. The cover can’t be blurry, or cut off strangely, or be misaligned. I’m not a patient person by nature but there are some things you can’t take back. The rep of ‘I liked the story but the book looked awful‘ just won’t do!

So it balanced out, and even the negatives were part of moving forward. It’s a learning experience and one that will hopefully make the covers for books two and three much easier to handle.

After that… I think he’ll be looking for Cover Art to be #1 on the outsourcing budget… =)

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