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In a happy world… I could write purely for the love of writing.

In a happy world… I could tell the stories without worrying about how they might market, what groups will like them, will people actually buy them.

In a happy world… my writing would be my passion, and my passion alone. It would need no other labels like ‘author’ or ‘published’ or even ‘successful’. It would be a passion to share for joy, and nothing else.

In a happy world… I would be less maudlin πŸ˜‰

Just a quick, pensive post. Not pushing to FB or Twitter, just putting out there. My happy writing today consists of less than one page due to all the other concerns pushing into my brain. My brain can be quite tiresome, especially at bedtime. Almost every night I fall asleep with a moderately interesting TV show playing (soft narration – Modern Marvels and Investigation Discovery work wonders) just loud enough to stop the whirring cogs from replaying the day, planning the next, and so forth.

A teacher in college helped me define the problem. I forget her exact words but the gist was “Wendy, you don’t just see both sides – you see ALL sides.” That is quite exhausting and all but ensures I will never be a very decisive person. For instance: For this post, my initial ‘happy world’ statement immediately brought to mind many tangential points, such as the fact a happy world is unbalanced and the idea that ‘happy’ would quickly lose it’s meaning without a counterweight.

Focus and I have not been on good terms today.

Cheers, goodnight, and happy writing! I am off to watch James May enjoy the fun and frivolity of a modern (non-rioting) Britain with his wine-ponce mate, Oz Clarke.

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Last night was a night of balance. I made some excellent progress in my book – Chapter 1 complete and Chapter 2 started – and maintained the daily writing goal. +1

In the next room, though, my husband was working on the cover art for the print version and it wasn’t going well. -1

1 – 1 (or two or three if you ask him) = balance

The previous night was:

-1 – 1 = Yosemite Sam x2

The cover art is done, to look at, but the dpi is wrong…printer issues, bah. I want the print edition done so badly – I already know a few people queued up to buy it – but it needs to be right. The cover can’t be blurry, or cut off strangely, or be misaligned. I’m not a patient person by nature but there are some things you can’t take back. The rep of ‘I liked the story but the book looked awful‘ just won’t do!

So it balanced out, and even the negatives were part of moving forward. It’s a learning experience and one that will hopefully make the covers for books two and three much easier to handle.

After that… I think he’ll be looking for Cover Art to be #1 on the outsourcing budget… =)

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I have a feeling that my idea of the concept of “writing is the easy part” is only in its infancy. New things crop up every day that make me think “Wow, I wish I could be writing instead of doing this!”

Ideally, I would write a book, work to market it, and the structural support system would just work. (Ok, really ideal is I write and people buy and read BOOM! but you know…)

The ideal is just that…ideal. It’s not realistic. For instance, a certain retailer took six days to publish the book when their max estimation is three days (and their customer service was non-existent). In the greater scheme of things, especially for someone still unknown, it’s not huge. I wasn’t going to make a million dollars in those three precious days.

I also had very frustrating issues with technology last night, trying to put up one simple link. Every link I posted broke. It was late and I said ‘g’night’ to it all.

The problem is not in the immediate issues of “Did I lose potential readers for a day?” or “Did I annoy someone on Twitter while I tried to figure this out?” The problem is in how it affects the core of what I do – write! I lost time and it hurt my creative mindset to become focused on these other issues.

I have a feeling these are the first things to be outsourced once a writer can afford the help…. πŸ™‚

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