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I have a feeling that my idea of the concept of “writing is the easy part” is only in its infancy. New things crop up every day that make me think “Wow, I wish I could be writing instead of doing this!”

Ideally, I would write a book, work to market it, and the structural support system would just work. (Ok, really ideal is I write and people buy and read BOOM! but you know…)

The ideal is just that…ideal. It’s not realistic. For instance, a certain retailer took six days to publish the book when their max estimation is three days (and their customer service was non-existent). In the greater scheme of things, especially for someone still unknown, it’s not huge. I wasn’t going to make a million dollars in those three precious days.

I also had very frustrating issues with technology last night, trying to put up one simple link. Every link I posted broke. It was late and I said ‘g’night’ to it all.

The problem is not in the immediate issues of “Did I lose potential readers for a day?” or “Did I annoy someone on Twitter while I tried to figure this out?” The problem is in how it affects the core of what I do – write! I lost time and it hurt my creative mindset to become focused on these other issues.

I have a feeling these are the first things to be outsourced once a writer can afford the help…. 🙂

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