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I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many great indie authors  in the last few months and today 20 of us are giving back! We each wrote gratitude-focused posts and they are appearing on blogs across the web landscape. Please feel free to check out my post at Linda’s Words from the Heart blog. At the end of that post you can find links for all the other author posts appearing as part of the chain.

PS – Did I mention the free books being given away on EVERY post? =)

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Does Free Reign?

Dina Santorelli asked me guest post about offering “One Final Night” free to readers. Read the full post here.

What do you think when you see something offered for free? Does it alter your perception of the writer/provider? Do you then expect to get everything from that person for free?

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Check out my author Q&A on Dina Santorelli’s informative and generous writing blog: Making Baby Grand.

Every Tuesday she opens her blog up for a debut author spotlight and she asks excellent questions! Please check out her blog to read about many great authors and learn more than a little about writing along the way.

Be sure to check in there on Thursday as well as there will be an guest blog post from yours truly as well.


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