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I have made the switch – bye bye Blogger, hello WordPress. I love the clean look here, the ability to have pages with real links, the ease of use with widgets….

Hopefully it will make life easier. I’m not done tweaking (definitely want my own picture on the top) but I’m liking it!

I plan to update more frequently, moving forward. I have been swamped with forcing myself to edit (not my favorite thing), getting the various publishes done, actual paid day-job work, and the all important summer activity – swimming!

The book is out on Amazon and Smashwords. B&N is taking it’s own sweet, slow-as-molasses time, and the print version is nearly completed. Links for all soon to come. Two available at the BOOKS tab at the top of the page.

Book two is getting an outline and I will start actual words this week. I’m very excited to continue the story begun in book one.

The adage “writing is the easy part” is so true, now that the book is complete. It’s such a heady feeling to have it out there and available but that’s only one small part of the story. The books will persist forever, available for all to read, and hopefully fond memories for those who do. The challenge, however, is in getting each person to make that decision – to trust you, the writer, to spark their imagination, to entertain them, to make them think, to make them want more.

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