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While book bloggers are important for sharing books and a life-line to self-published authors, there are a lot of parties involves in writing and reading. The writer writes it, someone edits it, someone does the cover image, countless people (seen and unseen) are involved in the publishing of the work whether it’s print or e-book, others will assist in one way or another in marketing it (letting the reader know it exists),  and additional countless people (seen and unseen) can be involved in the transaction that puts the work in the reader’s hand.

Then it reaches the reader. Whew.

At that point it has reached the most important person of all. For if the work is not enjoyable, even to a subset audience, is it truly the art and craft it should be?

The reader (as an individual and as a collective) typically does not think about the power in such a position. If you love an author you can truly help him or her through positive affirmation, through word of mouth, and through electronic means.

Notice I didn’t mention money. Why? Because money doesn’t validate creation. It validates the desire for success and it provides comfort, security, and enjoyment. But even bad authors with bad books can make money off them if they are lucky or clever.

What kind of reader are you? The kind who devours books quietly? The kind who blogs about it to the world? Or the kind who can’t wait to tell your friends about the wonderful book you just reader? Participate in the process. Reach out to writers. Tell others around you what you thought, and what you enjoyed. Many sites exist simply to allow readers to share their love of books (Goodreads is just one of many). The age of self-publishing and social media has given readers more power than ever before. Make sure you harness it fully so you become the gatekeepers.


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