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So, what now?

My comedy pilot script is as complete as I can make it prior to submission. Come Monday, it will be out of my hands.

So, now what?

First, there’s a lot more to do with this script and idea. I can work on that story more, flesh out the characters, more plot, etc in case I get a call for more info. This I will be working on as a constant back project. I don’t want to write more scripts for this show as it’s highly likely that even if they do select me there will be significant rewrites but being prepared to hold an intelligent discussion on my ideas and plans is a must. At the least I could take all this work and down the road flip it into a novel where I could be much more free in ideas and plots.

Second, there’s that novel I started that’s languished for a month. I still have so much enthusiasm for it but I feel it can wait a bit while I deal with other things.

Then there’s that fanfic I haven’t touched in 3 weeks. I left it at a moderately crucial but not cliffhanger moment. There are promised events that have yet to be written. I owe the 50 or so fans a completion. There are at least 3 chapters to write.

But then we have this set of ideas I can’t get past unless I give into them: spec scripts. Specifically, Bones spec scripts. I’ve already started writing one. I have the opener laid out, ~5 minutes worth, and the rest of the 38ish minutes broadly planned. I’m very proud of this story and I’m feverishly writing out the details as fast as they come to me. I’m trying to ignore that big hairy question of how you actually get something like that into the hands that could use them. I’m passionate about this particular story and I just know that if the right person read it…yeah…I’m just going to go write now.

I can’t worry about that, at least not yet.

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LOST Finale

I’m not good at theories though I do read what other say. I have 2 things of my own:

1) I guessed John was in the coffin at the start of that scene. I was unspoiled and had no clue until right as Jack walked in. Wild guess – he had to move the island which banned him.

2) DES AND PENNY ARE TOGETHER! My LOST wish is fulfilled.

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So close to submission time…

The WGAw website has a wealth of information that I’ve been perusing today. Maybe it will matter directly to me soon!

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more cat pictures

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…with my blog look at least.

This template obsession, combined with a random audit at work (yay government paper pushers!) has kept me pleasantly distracted from screwing with my tv script. I think I’ll stick with this template now that I have performed a few minor tweaks on it. I’m still messing with link accent colors but overall I think I like it.

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This isn’t my first post about this. I’m still utterly unsatisfied with my template choices. I’m about the make the choice to make my own. I’ve been highly resistant to this thus far, for both sanity and time’s sakes. My Bones blog is for the readers, this blog is for me. I want this blog to properly reflect me and the closest one I can find just doesn’t quite sit right. At the time of this writing I am using this one, which while pretty is only me on certain days and not at all what I want to convey here.

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A friend turned me on to this site today. It’s Garfield comics…minus the Garfield.

“Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness in a quiet American suburb.”

This is my favorite thus far:

You can see many more here.

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This weekend I finally gave my script a title page. It’s all so real now. I sat down, over a month, and wrote a pilot. My husband and at least 1 very good friend have helped me immensely but it’s still my baby. It has ‘written by’ and my name on it. And people are going to read it. People who could actually decide it’s good and that it merits the efforts of others to turn it into a real live show.

It’s at once exciting and scary. I wish I could imbue it with the essence of my intent: blessing it with all the enthusiasm and hope I can hardly tamp down. Blood, sweat and tears come no charge.

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My husband and I have now finished watching Buffy and Angel through the ends of Seasons 4 and 1 respectively. Comparing between the two shows I have seen a few things but one really stands out:

I really don’t like Buffy.

I love both shows, and I think Sarah Michelle Gellar does a wonderful job but when it comes right down to the character I just…don’t like her. Seeing Angel brought that into focus. Angel is a tragic hero but he bears that with grace and strength. Buffy is in some ways equally tragic as Angel but in many ways she’s got it much better. Yet she is barely more than a spoiled brat most of the time. And much of her tragedy she brings upon herself. She listens to no one at some crucial moments and can easily get in the way of solutions.

I hope I like her more in the end.

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Like the last song video I posted, this song is another one that’s by a band I’d never listened to before. It features a cast of YouTube all stars which is attractive enough on it’s own but the song is completely stuck in my head now. It’s called “Pork and Beans” and is by Weezer.

Edit: Embed gone. Video can be viewed here.

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