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I don’t care if it’s more than 2 months away…Christmas music is always a good idea!

But I do have a very wide range of stuff that I like…

And now I really want to watch this movie:

Links to all the videos, because for me, at least one of them won’t show up on a reload.

Born on Christmas Day – Brad Paisley
We Three Kings – Blackmore’s Night
The First Noel – Ella Fitzgerald

Christmas at Ground Zero – Weird Al
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – Dr. Elmo
Christmas Vacation Song


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I can listen to most any type of music, but I particularly love country. I can’t embed it (grr) but I’m really into “Sound so Good” right now by Ashton Shepherd.

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I’ve been really busy and not honestly had a re-re-repeat song for awhile now but this one has definitely taken that current spot. There are not any good embeddable videos but here’s a link to a good live recording. The song is a beautiful balad of heartbreak called “Gravity” and it’s by Sarah Bareilles.

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I used to listen to this song a lot. I remember having it as the first song on a ‘mix tape’ that I played frequently (oh what those words – mix tape – conjure). But during a 3 hour Skype conversation a couple of days ago it came up and now I’ve been listening to it again. I’m pretty sure it’s not going away from my head. Ever.

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My brain has been utterly consumed with writing of late, so much so that I literally have not had a song get stuck in my head on sometime. As my first spec script nears First Draft completion I am left with the ‘hard’ parts that make me want to run screaming to any willing distraction. So, today I went hunting for music.

Guys and Dolls happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. I love musics in general – Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and more – but this one never gets old. I enjoy most every song and even as I sit here I find it hard to chose a favorite. But I will chose a Favorite-of-the-Moment, at the least.

…or two…

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This one has stuck around for 2 days. It’s a beautiful duet with Josh Turner and Trisha Yearwood called “Another Try”

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Here’s my latest Song that Won’t Go Away. It’s Sugarland’s new single. The chorus is at first annoying but quickly became mesmerizing. Sad, I know.

Edit: They killed the embed on this, grr. It can be viewed here.

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