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I tend to be very hard on myself, constantly evaluating whether something is moving me forwards, moving me backwards, or simply moving me sideways. In reality that is probably hard on those around me as well, as my evaluations (remember, hard on myself) are not always accurate.

Blogging, reading, house cleaning….. so many things that truly *are* important are put in either the sideways category, at best.

But those ‘sideways’ or ‘backwards’ tasks frequently have vital roles that aren’t immediately measurable. If I spend an hour getting my Daily Mail fix I’m in a much better frame of mind to do the things that must be done, or those that I want to do.

Similarly, when I can check off a task like “fix the flipping blog!” then that frees up another little corner of my mind. It seems unimportant, but turns out to feel like a giant leap forward.

Outdated links have been removed, new widgets added, and I’ve rediscovered a few things about Blogger I hadn’t used in more than 6 months.

This, plus a fun trip to the zoo today to celebrate my wonderful little boy’s 2nd birthday, do not directly advance my writing but I will be the better, and ready to do the ‘work’ I love, when I’m done.

I have another 40-50 pages to write on the novel, 60+ to type, and another 25 page short to type as well. Loving this progress!

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Background Image

I’ve got a question in to the lady who designed this blog template, concerning my background image for the main portion of the blog. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. I miss the pretty brown.

And I don’t look forward to going through the headache of finding a new look again.

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Blog Award

My mom received a new blogging award for her photography blog, Photography by Leedra, and passed the round on to me. It gave her a great excuse to highlight my recent announcement, which is totally understandable!

Thank you!

PS I love the image.

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Erm, update

This is mostly cut straight from an email to a very nice person from Germany who wanted to know. That made my day Jeannie!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Right now things are insane! I just found out I didn’t make the cut with my TV pilot idea. But that was not unexpected. It was the first thing I had written in years and within a month of submitting it I knew a million and one ways I would have done it differently. It was a great learning experience!

I completed a Bones spec script. Jamie Frevele and I both wrote full scripts. It was her idea, as a way to do something with the Zack story. Her script is very Zack focused and will make the extremely rabid Zack fans happy. Mine is much more like a weekly episode, where the secondary story involves Zack. Unless something major happens, we’re going to put them out to fans 1 week before the premier.

I would love to write for TV full-time, but I live in Eastern Tennessee, a couple thousand miles from Hollywood. We’ll see though. There are still options open to me. (I like to think so at least.)

In the meantime I have begun working on a novel. I’m loving it. (Wishing I could sit down and do nothing but this.)

I wish I could wipe the slate clean and write all day but I do have a mostly full-time job and I’m in the midst of trying to transition to some freelance writing work but it’s not easy. Applying for jobs is taking up all of my free time. I badly want to put up more episode reviews for the old shows but I feel like I never have the time! When we get new shows though, I will definitely be on top of reviewing them.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

And there you go!

Oh yeah, we have enhanced TV for the first time in our marriage. What am I most interested in, outside of Bones perks?

Modern Marvels baby! I’m such a geek.

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A reader on my Mom’s photography blog passed a blog award to her in appreciation for her personal enjoyment of the photography. Mom passed it on to me twice, for both this blog and my Bones blog. I hope to pass it on to others soon, but in the meantime…thanks Mom! I’m glad I got you into blogging and happy you enjoy it so much. I hope it leads to great things for you! =)

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So, I have this blog, and I have my Bones blog, and now I’m a part of a new blog! I get to blog about health topics at a new, spiffy corner of the web: yeahtips.com! I’m really enjoying it. I get to do what I already do everyday: browse the web like a fiend, post about it, and talk to people!

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