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Bloggin’ ‘wards

My mother has a wide-ranging fan-base for her photography blog. She’s had many awards passed on to her, and sometimes she passes them on to me. This is one of those times, with an extra caveat that I have to pass it on.

There’s one blogger, and great friend, this fits perfectly. Her name is Jamie. She’s been my partner in crime for one big writing project thus far, and I’m sure we’ll do something so crazy again. She has a personal blog as well as a political/entertainment blog at HuffingtonPost. Jamie and I may disagree on many, many things, but in writing we share a passion and continually encourage each other through our quirks, fears, and craziness.

Thanks, Mom, I’m glad you enjoy it and of course I love you too.


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Blog Award

My mom received a new blogging award for her photography blog, Photography by Leedra, and passed the round on to me. It gave her a great excuse to highlight my recent announcement, which is totally understandable!

Thank you!

PS I love the image.

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A reader on my Mom’s photography blog passed a blog award to her in appreciation for her personal enjoyment of the photography. Mom passed it on to me twice, for both this blog and my Bones blog. I hope to pass it on to others soon, but in the meantime…thanks Mom! I’m glad I got you into blogging and happy you enjoy it so much. I hope it leads to great things for you! =)

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