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Wow. Busy.

Things are taking off in an amazing, and busy, way. Two months ago I started two blogs. Now this one isn’t winning any races by any means. My 5 or so readers are all family and friends. And that’s okay. That other little blog is a different story. Lots of readers and lots of fun!

Lots of busy too.

I have a lot on my plate right now:

Writing a Bones spec script
Doing prep work for upcoming Bonecast
Writing posts for another Bones blog that’s going to have me in a list of guest bloggers next week

After those 3 things are done:

Writing a Zack episode where he deals with his ‘rehabilitation’
Doing more background work on the Pilot I submitted
Writing another spec script for another show…probably NCIS

And that’s not including a bunch of other things that don’t including writing. Busy busy busy. And loving it!


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Books, Books

Two books arrived yesterday: Television Writing from the Inside Out by Larry Brody and Successful Television Writing by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin. I’ve only been able to skim them thus far, but I’ve managed to take away something from each.

In the first book I pounced on a section about outlining since I’m currently teetering back and forth between refining my outline and the actual writing for the spec script. The few pages I saw made me feel good in that my story creation method is already good (organic, not linear). I’m sure the rest of it will be an awakening on how it could be so much better but reading that gave me a nice boost.

In the second book I’ve learned…that the authors wrote for Baywatch. Baywatch?! To be fair they also have written for Monk and Diagnosis Murder but the Baywatch stink just won’t leave me. Sure, Baywatch had a plot…somewhere. But who actually remembers more than girls running on beaches and David Hasselhoff’s chest?

Speaking of that. Check out this awesome site.

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Stuck Home

I woke up this morning barely able to move my shoulder so I stayed home from work. The serious downside to this is that I can’t write. I can type in short bursts and then it hurts too much. Upside is an anatomy lesson about the muscles that control the shoulder because it isn’t every motion that hurts: just those pesky necessary motions of reaching, pushing, and lifting. The Deltoid muscle and the computer mouse are not my friends.

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Spec Script Update

Yesterday I managed to get quite a lot of spec script work done. I know I do the right thing in outlining ahead of time but there’s one thing I really still suck at: budgeting pages. What I think a scene on the outline will probably take in pages and what it does in reality aren’t matching up so fluidly. Looking at my outline I thought I might end up having to cut parts for time but it looks like I’m going to be adding more instead. But the outline I started with is more than 1/2 written now. Progress is nice!

I wish I could find a complete Bones teleplay online so I could check their format better. I can find transcripts, which are useless to me, and I can find the ‘sides’ that leak out every time they audition a guest-star but those are usually 1-3 pages only. I’d love to be able to go through an old episode and break down scenes, pages per, formatting – everything. Not even Ebay is helping!

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This one has stuck around for 2 days. It’s a beautiful duet with Josh Turner and Trisha Yearwood called “Another Try”

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So far I’ve been coasting on my own research and analytical skills in the formatting of my scripts. I’ve looked at countless websites, templates, and sides. But yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and buy a few TV writing books. It’s too late to help my pilot with them: for that I’m just praying someone is curious enough to call or email me for more information! I hope they help my future writing immensely, however. I seem to be learning so much every day and I’m trying hard not to punish myself for information I’m picking up only AFTER my pilot has been submitted. I should be simply proud that I got it out and it didn’t utterly stink!

One of my favorite sites has turned out to be Jane Espenson’s blog. She’s insightful, experienced and humorous and I feel that I’ve picked up so much information already… and I’ve only read the first 2 months of her archive.

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It looks like my bad lunch habit is here to stay. The 1 hour reprieve from the office is the impetus to get out and the writing progress that I accomplish keeps me happy after it’s over.

I completed all the teaser dialog for my Bones spec script during the lunch time today. So the first 5 minutes are complete and just need proper formatting. Step by step I progress. Give it a week to 10 days and I’ll have a new script to pass out to friends. Surprisingly, no one is running from me in avoidance…yet.

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